How to Make International Money Transfer by Phone?

How to Make International Money Transfer by Phone?

How to Make International Money Transfer by Phone?

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Sending money abroad is known to many people as a long and troublesome business. The multiplicity of procedures and technical problems experienced in the past years cause this belief to continue. However, thanks to the developing technologies, it is extremely easy to transfer money abroad! If you wish, you can even complete international money transfer transactions by phone, and you can easily transfer money to more than 200 countries and regions of the world with a single call. You can choose BPN for international money transfer transactions by phone.

Thanks to the advantages offered to you by BPN, you can send money without leaving your home and benefit from the unique transaction speed. So, how to transfer money abroad by phone with BPN?

Requirements for International Money Transfer by Phone

In order to send money abroad with BPN, you must first have a BPN registration. You can create your registration by visiting the closest BPN representative point and then make a transfer whenever you want. Once you become a registered BPN customer, you can easily perform any step by the phone!

In order to transfer money by phone with BPN, you must have a valid mobile line and an e-mail account that you actively use. Valid mobile line is very important for you to be able to communicate securely with BPN. BPN transaction center communicates with its customers through the mobile phone numbers provided during registration, and the security of your money transfer transactions is also ensured through your telephone line. The active e-mail account is used to verify your phone line and to send you official documents. For this reason, it is of great importance for the security of your transactions that you provide the correct phone number and e-mail address during the registration process and that you inform BPN if your information changes.

How to Send Money Abroad by Phone?

In order to send money abroad by phone, you need to call the BPN transaction center and verify your transaction information. Steps taken to verify your transaction and identity information aim to keep your account safe, protect your money against fraudulent methods, and transmit your transaction to the correct account.

  • In the verification step, your identity information, registered mobile phone and e-mail address are checked and approved. After the confirmation, you need to specify the transaction you want to make and the overseas account you want to send money.
  • After the BPN transaction center tells you the transaction fee you have to pay according to the amount of money you will send abroad and the amount of the transaction to be made, it is time for the payment step.
  • At this stage, you can send the amount of money abroad and the transaction cost with the method that BPN transaction center will inform you, and you can get approval and complete your money transfer. In this way, with the cooperation of BPN and Western Union, you can take advantage of maximum speed and send your money to the recipient as soon as possible.