Money Transfer by Phone

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions



In order to transfer money under 2.000 TL by Money Transfer by Phone service, you must have made a one-time transaction from BPN representative points before. If you are a BPN customer, you can call our operation center and perform transactions under 2.000 TL without leaving your house.

In order to make Money Transfer By Phone; you need to be our registered customer and you must have a valid mobile number, e-mail account and a bank account in your name for verification.

If you have not made any transaction from BPN before, you cannot benefit from the money transfer by phone service. You can benefit from money transfer by phone by visiting your nearest BPN point and registering at BPN.

The upper limit of Money Transfer by Phone transactions is 2.000 TL. It is valid for all transactions of 1.999 TL and below.

When you call our Operation Center, you will not be charged a special fee. You will be charged as if you were calling a regular phone line and are charged the same transaction fees as if you are charged at the representative point.

The information of the sent amount is transmitted to the recipient within minutes. The recipient can receive the money sent to his/her name from the relevant points in a few minutes.