How to Make Money Transfer Money by Phone with BPN?

How to Make Money Transfer Money by Phone with BPN?

How to Make Money Transfer Money by Phone with BPN?

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BPN produces optimum solutions for easy and fast domestic and international money transfer services. All your transactions are carried out quickly and effortlessly. Transfer services offered by BPN include sending money by phone. In this way, you can transfer money to more than 200 countries and regions around the world without leaving your home or from where you are located.

BPN Money Transfer by Phone Approval Procedures

BPN money transfer by phone service works to ensure your security and help you benefit from fast transactions. In order to start the process, you only need to come to one of the closest BPN service points and make a registration. When you need, you can call the BPN operation center and perform your money transfer transactions by phone from your location. Below you can find all the necessary information to start the transfer transactions.

  • You must have a phone number for the transfer to be completed. During the transaction, a verification code is sent to your phone number as an SMS for flawless transfer and security. Your transactions are secured with this code.
  • It is important that you report an e-mail account to the BPN processing center along with your mobile phone. You will receive information via e-mail at all stages of the secure transfer process. For this reason, you should make sure that your e-mail account is up-to-date before sending money.
  • To transfer money by phone, you need to send the principal amount and transaction fee to BPN accounts. That's why it's important to have a bank account. For your safety, the bank account you will use must be in your name.

If you have made a one-time transaction at BPN points, you will share your personal information with authorized persons when you call the BPN transaction center. A verification code will be sent to the mobile phone number you specified during registration. You need to share this code with the BPN transaction center you spoke by the phone. Then, verification is provided with the code sent to your e-mail account.

Process of Sending Money by Phone After the Approval Process

After the approval processes, BPN transaction center confirms your personal information for your security. At the confirmation stage, your name, surname, place of birth and date of birth, address and occupation information are requested from you. Then your transaction is completed with the following steps.

  • The information of the person you want to send money to, the amount of money and the currency in which you want the money to reach the recipient are learned.
  • You will be informed about the total amount of money you need to send to BPN's accounts.
  • You will be informed to which account numbers you should send the total amount.
  • At this point, all your questions are answered by the processing center manager.
  • Then all the details are sent to you first via SMS and then by e-mail.

As soon as you approve the e-mail you receive, your transfer process begins. You must transfer the total amount you have been told to BPN's bank accounts within 24 hours. When making a transfer, it is important that you specify your TR identity number or the transaction number in the e-mail in the description section. Your transaction is completed after the necessary controls are performed by the BPN transaction center. After your transaction is completed, all information is sent to you via e-mail and the transfer process is completed. The receiving party can receive the sent amount from the service points at any time.

With BPN phone money transfer service, you can send a maximum of 1.999 TL. The amount of 1.999 TL is your monthly sending limit. All transaction amounts you make during the month are calculated and transactions exceeding the amount cannot be accepted according to the rules and regulations of the country. In addition, you can learn the transaction fee requested for money transfer very easily from BPN transaction center.

Advantages of Money Transfer by Phone

The biggest advantage of BPN money transfer by phone service is that you can send money from your location without leaving your home. In addition, this service brings the following advantages.

  • Standard transfer method processes may take your time. After completing the above-mentioned steps with BPN, your transaction is completed.
  • BPN serves you not only during working hours, but also every day of the week, including public holidays, until late hours.
  • You do not need to use a credit or bank card. BPN transaction center performs all the transactions on behalf of you.
  • When working with BPN, you do not need paperwork. All transactions are securely recorded with electronic infrastructure.

Call a BPN transaction center to take advantage of the money transfer by phone service offered by BPN.