International Money Transfer
BPN carried international money transfer services in cooperation with Western Union provides possibility to transfer money easily and securely in minutes even during weekends and public holidays and beyond working hours without any need for bank account. Western Union has extensive money transfer network at about at 520.000 points worldwide for more than 150 years and provides possibility to transfer money more than 200 countries.

Now let’s be clearer; now you can send money to China in minutes in a Sunday from a telephone store which is our representative in your street with Western Union- BPN International Money transfer.

What do I need to Transfer money Abroad?

  • You should reach lawful age of 18.
  • You should present a valid identity card.
  • You should carry the transaction in one of our service currencies; Turkish Liras, US Dollars or Euro.
  • In some countries beneficiary should notify MTCN, i.e. Monet Transfer Control Number in order to collect the money in transfers made abroad. You may reach the list of countries where MTCN is required to collect the money.
  • If you are carrying money transfer transaction to southern Cyprus, you should have a permit from Undersecretariat of Treasury.

What identity types are valid to make money transfer?

Documents TC Citizen Foreigners
Passport Yes Yes
ID Card Yes No
Picture License (TC) Yes No
No picture license No No
Residence permit (**) No Yes
Other No No


**** It is valid for transactions up to 12.000 Tl for international transfers.
* Payments vary depending on working hours of service point, time differences between countries and conditions of service.

I want to transfer money internationally.