What are the advantages of domestic and international money transfer via BPN?

  • You can make money transfer domestically or internationally without any need for bank account.
  • You can transfer money out of normal working hours, working days like weekends.
  • You don’t need to wait for minutes or to receive rotation number in bank, its practical.
  • Your money is transferred in minutes regardless of destination either on the other of the world or Turkey, its fast.
  • Average period of money transfer transaction either domestic or international is 4 minutes for sending and approximately 3 minutes in money collection transactions.
  • You do not need to fill in many documents, you can transfer money with your identity card, and it is easy.
  • Carried transactions are followed up with unique “money transfer control number” and this method ensures fast sending to any person you want and fast payment. Domestic money transfers with BPN Para Transferi and international money transfer with cooperation of BPN-Western Union is safe.

What identity types are valid to make money transfer?

Documents TC Citizen Foreigners
Passport Yes Yes
ID Card Yes No
Picture License (TC) Yes No
No picture license No No
Residence permit (**) No Yes
Other No No


**It is valid for transactions up to 12.000 Tl for international transfers.
* Payments vary depending on working hours of service point, time differences between countries and conditions of service.