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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions



We have over 2.000 BPN representative points in Turkey. Since our representative points in every province of Turkey are easily accessible, the rate of rapid increase in potential customers will be high.

By offering BPN services in your business, you can increase your customers and earn additional income.
By including BPN services in your business, you are actually attracting potential customers to your own enterprise who will transfer money and pay bills and you are leading them to take action in your enterprise. Therefore, the number of your customers increases.
When you become a BPN representative, you will earn additional income as your customers will increase. When you want to be our representative, you do not pay any agency or dealership fees.
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Your business is included in a network of more than 500.000 service points in more than 200 countries and regions, realized in cooperation with Western Union, the world's most well-known money transfer network. Your business contact information appears on the BPN and Western Union websites, and customers can reach you easily. Your business now becomes a destination not only for your business line, but for payment services customers as well. By gaining new customers coming to your enterprise for payment services and taking advantage of cross-selling opportunities, you can also provide vitality for your own field of activity. You can diversify the services you offer to your existing customers.

To be a BPN representative; make a preliminary application by contacting us with our contact information on our website or social media accounts. Our team members responsible for your region will contact you and visit you at your current business, replying all your questions and providing you with detailed information about the process.

BPN is a licensed payment and electronic money institution. It is under the control of the Central Bank.
When you become a BPN representative, you do not pay any agency or dealership fees.
BPN supports all its points with visual materials and branding activities to ensure visibility at the point, and increases the accessibility of representative points with shares and advertisements on digital platforms. It allows sharing your business contact information on BPN and Western Union websites.