How to Make Money Transfer Abroad?

How to Make Money Transfer Abroad?

How to Make Money Transfer Abroad?

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Traditional Methods of Sending Money Abroad

  • You have the opportunity to use different methods to be able to send money abroad. The most common of these methods is known as Western Union.
  • With a history of more than 170 years, Western Union operates in more than 200 countries and regions around the world and securely performs money transfer between countries. By choosing the Western Union service, which is in cooperation with BPN in the retail sector in Turkey, you can make your international money transfer transactions.

A Unique International Money Transfer Experience at BPN in collaboration with Western Union

If you want to send money abroad quickly and easily, you can choose BPN. In this way;

  • With BPN, which eliminates the time and money losses created by traditional banking methods, you can benefit from the advantages of Western Union.
  • Moreover, by choosing BPN Payment & E-Money Services, you can protect your money and send money comfortably without encountering any security problems.
  • You can make your transaction by going to the nearest BPN representative point or by choosing the money transfer service by phone if you are a BPN customer.

Choose BPN Payment & E-Money Services for your international money transfers and easily adapt to the speed and understanding of security of the modern age!