International Money Transfer Limits of BPN

International Money Transfer Limits of BPN

International Money Transfer Limits of BPN

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How to Determine International Money Transfer Limits?

  • Sometimes you may encounter various limits when sending money abroad. The determination of a ceiling amount during the transaction and the inability to send more than this amount is called the international money transfer limit. International money transfer limits are determined from two different points. The first of these are the rules and regulations of the country to which the money will be transferred.
  • The restrictions applied for the purpose of security and control of the economic structure in the country ensure that the money entering the country can be easily controlled and helps to detect criminal acts with financial connections.
  • Countries that limit the inflow of money also try to keep activities such as smuggling, terrorist financing and illegal trade away from the country by limiting them.
  • Another type of limit applied in money transfers is the own limitations of the financial institutions that will carry out the transfer business. Intermediary institutions that send money abroad may subject transactions to certain limits in accordance with their own company policies.

What are BPN's International Money Transfer Limits?

If you want to send money freely to more than 200 countries and regions of the world with the cooperation of Western Union, you can choose BPN services. BPN works with Western Union for international money transfer transactions. Western Union, which has a great experience and operates in most countries today, can perform money transfers without any problems with its digital infrastructure and advanced branch network. BPN, one of the solution partners of Western Union Turkey allows you to complete your money transfer with its digital infrastructure, expert staff and secure system integrated with Western Union.

By choosing BPN, you can easily transfer money in cooperation with Western Union. You can learn the maximum amount of money you can transfer to the country to which you will send money, from BPN representative points, which are experts in their fields, or by calling our operation center. In BPN Payment and E-Money Services, transactions can be made in TL, USD and Euro. Thus, you can transfer easily without being affected by the limit changes that may occur due to exchange rate differences. If you want to send money safely and quickly, you can visit the nearest BPN representative point and easily meet this unique system that will make your life easier.