What is Western Union?

What is Western Union?

What is Western Union?

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Western Union is one of the international money transfer services and is very easy to use. The currencies valid for this service within the borders of the Republic of Turkey are TL, Euro and USD. The currency in which the money to be sent abroad will be received may vary in line with the currency rules of the region to which it is sent. Western Union, which is widely seen not only in our country but also around the world, also offers fast service to users with its reliable networks. Money can be sent or received within minutes.

Sending Money with Western Union

BPN representative points can be easily used for sending money. BPN cooperates with Western Union for international transactions. After determining the country and the amount of money you will send, you can go to the BPN representative point with your identity document or passport that can replace your identity document and get your transaction performed. You can share MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) that will be given to you later, with the recipient. In this way, a very reliable transfer process is made. “Money Transfer Control Number”, that is, MTCN, is given separately for each transfer transaction and each number is different from each other. You can follow up the transfer with the person to whom you send money via this number. These transactions are provided at BPN representative points in a faster and safer way without a bank.

Receiving Money by Western Union

To receive money by Western Union, the country of the sender, the amount of money sent and MTCN code are required. You can easily transfer money to many parts of the world by BPN. For easier and faster transfers, you can easily reach and apply to more than 1.900 BPN representative points in Turkey.

Western Union Money Transfer Fees

There are no fees for receiving money through Western Union or Western Union commissions. Only the transfer fee is requested from the sender. Western Union money transfer fees are likely to vary depending on the sender and receiver's country rules and regulations, the amount of money to be sent and the duration of the sending process.

If you also want to benefit from secure payment opportunities in cooperation with Western Union and save time for your daily works; you can determine your nearest BPN representative point and start your transactions right now without wasting time. Click to view your nearest BPN representative point.