How to Make International Money Transfer with BPN?

How to Make International Money Transfer with BPN?

How to Make International Money Transfer with BPN?

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International money transfer is among the topics that everyone should learn who wants to send money to their relatives or related people abroad. BPN Payment & E-Money Services offers you international money transfer opportunities in cooperation with Western Union in the retail sector in Turkey.

You can easily transfer money with BPN, and complete your transactions quickly and easily. Thanks to make a transfer without a bank, you can easily perform your international money transfer transactions with low transaction fees. By choosing BPN Payment & E-Money Services, you can send your money both face-to-face and by phone. If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to make an international money transfer with BPN, you can take a look at the information below.

Methods of Sending Money with BPN

If you want to send money abroad through BPN, face-to-face or telephone transfer methods are waiting for you. For face-to-face transfer transactions, you need to visit the nearest BPN representative point and perform the transactions face-to-face. In transfer by phone option, it is sufficient to call the BPN transaction center and give the order to direct money to the desired foreign recipient.

For face-to-face transactions, you are required to go to the BPN representative point during working hours, provide your ID and fill out the international money transfer form that will be given to you. Once you submit the money to be transferred to the foreign recipient with the form to the representative, your transactions are approved and the money you send is transferred to the destination account as soon as possible through the Western Union system.

In order to make your international money transfers by phone, you only need to visit BPN representative points once and create a face-to-face transaction in your customer and make your registration. Creating your customer account face-to-face protects you and your money against many fraudulent methods. For this, by visiting the nearest BPN representative point you can state that you want to be a registered customer. During registration, you can complete the process by providing your identity, the number of your active mobile phone and your e-mail address.

Terms of Money Transfer with BPN

By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by BPN Payment & E-Money Services, you can transfer your money with Western Union quality and have an impressive experience with the advantage of high speed.

While transferring money abroad in cooperation with Western Union, transaction fees may vary depending on the country to which you will send the money and the amount to be transferred. The fees to be paid for the transaction are notified to you during both face-to-face and telephone transfer transactions, so you do not have to waste time calculating the transaction fee. If you wish, you can view your money transfer transaction fee on the Calculate BPN Transaction Fee page.

If you want to make international money transfers easily and safely from anywhere, you can choose BPN services that make your life easier in cooperation with Western Union. In this way, you can instantly direct your money to anywhere with the assurance of BPN, and enjoy maximum speed and convenience.